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    SEVNAK LOGISTICS, A Trusted Partner

What is our difference

Best price

Extensive cooperation with carrier companies and being aware of the latest rates

International payments in Turkey

Easy currency payments for services

Expert team

An expert team and guide in all four pillars of the transportation industry

Global Logistics Partner

International cooperation with leading European and Chinese companies

Two decades of experience

More than 20 years of experience in the international transportation industry


SEVNAKLOGISTICS Reliable companion

With more than two decades of experience and activity in the field of international transportation (carriers and forwarders), we are proud to be benefited from years of valuable working with experience partners in all around world to handle different freights for exporting and importing by sea, land air and train to all parts of the world and vice versa.

According to your needs

We offer a wide range of solutions

  • Importing services (groupage or full) by truck, container and Air transportation from all over Europe to domestic destinations in Iran via custom borders and ports.
  • Air transport services from Europe, Turkey and the Far East to Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) and vice versa.
  • Sea freight and container shipping services to the southern ports of Iran and transit services to take the cargo to Turkey, Europe and CIS countries.
  • Transit services to all free special economic zones and custom borders.


We study your needs and the place where your cargo is and then try to come up with solution. We try to be your consular and provide the best option for your freight. This consultation is with our partners too to provide proper and fast and safe offer for your freight.
Our company considers all customers as business partners and avoid damages by providing insurance advices (not services) to you to keep your cargo safe for you.

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